Saturday, June 16, 2012

Today June 16, 2012 I start this blog, as a Single Woman who just got her heart broken, yet a single woman who believes in God and His Word...but broken hearted, a single woman who wants to share my life with others so they know that they are not alone... One thing that I had to come to was a point of realization and revelation... after day 14 of being heartbroken I came to the conclusion I am not going to go through another year or two year healing process from a broken heart.. Just not going to happen... not when my God has given to me so freely restoration and healing of a broken heart that I can have NOW and not after sulking time away that I will never get back... So I decided day 14, which was 2 days ago that I would be Healed now, this is not my first heart break or disappointment, this not even my first heart break with this person, this is not my first trial or tribulation I have ever been through...and each time I can always look back and see GOD KNEW BETTER THAN ME!! God's love was made perfect in my weakness each time.. I decided I was going to pick myself up and fall in God in rest in Him... I know he has my best interest at hand and if this is not it than He has something GREATER! So today I start this blog and I dedicate it to every single woman and man, who has no kids like myself, or has kids at home or at a distance…going through life I dedicate this to you and I say never belittle the hand of God on your life, for He loves you more than anyone else, and He sees you…So if we can just put our WHOLE heart in his hands…not just the pieces we don’t mind surrendering…then He is able to make us WHOLE, and our trials can be less painful and our recovery can be quick. So I encourage you today as you read this blog to share this with anyone that needs to hear this. STAY encouraged in the Lord and let his love be made perfect in your weakness. NEVER take for granted the power of the Savior…

I am about to end one chapter in my life and start a new one. Though the location of the new chapter is familiar aka not too new… it is truly a new chapter, a new mission… I am moving once again from VA to Jacksonville, FL. Apparently I have not been released from there or I was called back either way it’s 5 days till moving day. So as I am packing am encouraging myself in the Lord and to the best of my ability ending this chapter on a good note with love and finality. I think the things I came back to VA to do and settle up on have been accomplished and I can build from here. And I can wrap up this chapter and embrace the next one…knowing there will be challenges and struggles, but more importantly knowing my God is bigger that all of them. Hebrews 4:15-16 amplified version this scripture has been my encouragement and I challenge you to look this scripture up right now and let it minister to you. One of my favorite songs says “We will overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the WORDS of our testimonies” Well this blog will be the Words of my testimony.

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